Medical Terms The Spread Of Cancer

In medical terms the spread of cancer is caused by the other body parts as people with cancer. In the early infecting virus in lung cancer, can occur because patients often smoke or other thingsthat can cause infection of the cancer virus. At the time of malignant tumor starting in place and the very limited spread toothier parts of the body.

The first role begins in the lungs that malignant cancer cells are highly vulnerable in the lungs, but also in other organs began to spread, while tissue damage is also known as primary tumors, these tumors tend to lung tissue, in which he grows and develops. No matter what has increased the survival rate for lung cancer compared with other cancers.

A lung cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer in the world today, is known and is responsible for more than 100,000deaths per year. Despite these alarming statistics, there are still many people who do not know that smoking tobacco, or even the main reason for cases of lung cancer. On the other hand, also known as passive smokers smoking are harmful especially those associated with Stage 1 lung cancer.

Cigarettes are full of nicotine are addictive and toxic. If there is excessive exposure to carcinogens and pollutants would be afraid that the cells in the lungs grow the virus from lung cancer, lack of coordination with health institutions, and patients on a normal growth pattern.

Uncontrolled growth of cancer cells typically causes the tumor, could be as early cancer invasion. In the early stages of lymph nodes are not affected by the cancer cells and survival in early stage, probably 50-60% full recovery.

At stage 1, cancer usually occurs in a different way and if the infection is still early, still treatable and there are more opportunities that can be derived from a lung infection. The first symptom is the sound of shallow breathing. The area around the breast usually feels pain and pain in the chest in terms of tumor growth in the lungs.

If any of these symptoms seem to you, contact your local health agency. Doctors also should pay attention to developing professional solutions that will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you after reviewing your situation with the illness.

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