Get Money With Club-Asteria

How To Earn

FOUR ways you can make money from Club-Asteria
  1. Weekly Profit Sharing (Capped at 7-10% weekly, as on date it is 7-10% every week)
    • To qualify for weekly sharing one needs to be either silver or gold for $10/$20 monthly subscription, and they get 10/20 asterios every month, See projection income example 1 in spread sheet as to how one can generate decent weekly income and how every week your income increases manifold, because of 80% of your profit reinvested back.
    • You can also invest $250 for 250 asterios once you are silver/gold and if done within 3 days of joining, you get 100% matching bonus, so you start with 500 asterios as in example 3 and you start making good income every week, and very soon you will reach the magical figure of $400 every week (provided profit sharing is maintained at 10% every week).
    • Both the above options are for 100% passive workers.
  2. Referral Commission
    • Next income is referral commission and if you are a recruiter there is no limit to the monthly residual you can make by way of recruiting.
    • If you are silver, you get $4.50 every month for recruiting each Silver or Gold members, For eg. if you have 50 silver that will fetch you $225 every month as Referral commission.
    • If you are Gold, you earn $4.50 for every silver and $9 for every Gold that you recruit, So let us says you have 50 Gold under you that means you will get $450 every month as Referral Commission.
  3. Cash Bonus
    • Whenever your direct purchases Asterios, you get 10% cash bonus which you can withdraw or reinvest. For eg if one is going in for 250 asterios to get 100% matching bonus, you get $25 cash bonus, and if you recruitNetwork Director where the joining is $1000, you get $100 as Cash Bonus.
  4. Network Directors' Income
    • NetWork Directors' income will be HUGE and I won't be wrong in saying that you can make $1k or $5k or even $20k as Network Director.
    • Here you are paid on your entire downline unlimited depth.
    • You can join as ND1, ND2, ND3, Snr ND or Exec Director and for $1k, $3k, $5k, $7.5k and $9.5k. if you are non recruiter see example 2 to see as to what your earnings can be as Network Director.
    • You also get 100% matching bonus
    • if you are recruiter see ND calculator . Assuming you have two ND1 legs each with 1500 asterios and you have many other people with 100-500 asterios invested and your open volume is 3000 asterios. Also assuming that there is no new joining under you (which won't be the case), and weekly auto-reinvestment of 80% every week for 4 weeks your asterios will be around 1.36 of the previous month
      • First month as ND1 you will earn $102
      • Second month as ND1 you will get $209
      • Third month as ND1 earnings will be $334
      • 4th month as ND1 it will be $508 and do so on
    • Another example let us say you have 4000 asterios and got 3 ND1, each with 2000, 3000 and 5000 asterios
      • First month $426
      • 2nd month $565
      • 3rd month $774
      • 4th month $1,033 and so on
    • The above two example is on the assumption that there is no more new joining and which is very likely with many NDs under you as no ND will sit idle, instead will start building their team to start earning from their downline unlimited depth.
From the above you can see that Club-Asteria let you earn 4 ways, and it is perfect for 100% passive members and needless to mention recruiters/hitters can make huge by way of RC, Cash Bonus and ND income and also best part is this is REAL BUSINESS and no matrix/cycler or any other Fly-by-Night Programs
What Are You Waiting For ..... !!!!

PS : remain me for $5 cash Back When you upgrade to gold and $25 cash back when you upgrade to Network director the gift from me to you..
Please see this Presentation CAWebinar5.ppt
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