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Because the Nokia 5800 was launched in November 2008, was the edition of Symbian S60 Mobile is the fifth major theme of the Finnish manufacturer. Recently, however, Nokia has changed his priorities for the last 3 and Symbian OS Meego again, in a desperate, lost ground with the Android platform and the IOS.
However Nokia 5250 is considered not a Smartphone, but he mentioned that his resume Symbian S60 5th Edition operating system.

There is little evidence of the fact that the Nokia 5250 Smartphone, the device has been completely stripped of everything that the rising prices could be lower.

However, there is a target for all phones out there and the Nokia 5250 is no exception. People who are confusing to, or simply are not smart phone features, it is not necessary; you can use your phone.

Announced in August 2010, Nokia 5250 was launched in September 2010 and can be purchased for about U.S. $ 170 without contract. Gray, blue, red, purple or white, potential customers can choose from five colors.

At first glance, Nokia 5250 looks a lot like a chocolate bar, tile big or small, especially when viewed from a distance. Although the choice of Nokia for the cheap plastic like disappointing, the headset does not look like this at all.

Obviously, it is more susceptible to scratches and even the smallest drop can cause serious damage plastic housing. Everything that I do not agree on the design of the phone are too thick and the bezel around the screen.

However, the phone fits perfectly in an ordinary case. Nokia 5250 measures 105 x 50 x 14 mm and weighs 106g (including battery), which almost exactly the same as its predecessor, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. The phone has done nothing that would stand out and has a minimalist look.

Regardless of the chosen color scheme, the phone still is a case against the black and the back cover and pages of the phone are a different color. The left side of the phone is exposed, with only a small hole in the middle; help users remove the battery cover. The right side of the phone has a dual volume key, the lock / unlock button on the cursor key and dedicated camera key. At the top of a 3.5 mm audio jack, a port loading of 2.5 mm and the micro-USB is covered by a plastic strip.

The 2.8-inch screen is of a rather large black makes it look smaller than it actually is surrounded. At the base of the touch screen is a set of three buttons crisis: hold, menu, and reject calls. Before the screen a little to the right is the usual ignition key that opened a quick selection of media. The helmet and a proximity sensor above the screen, but the phone have no ambient light sensor.
The 2-megapixel camera on the back of the phone lacks an LED flash and autofocus. Two speakers in the bottom of the battery cover are built, while the needle in the upper left corner of the phone.

Users can remove a microSD card or the SIM card into the battery compartment, since both areas have been placed on the right side of the phone. Fortunately, this does not require removing the battery.
Overall, Nokia 5250 offers a look at standard bar with a solid and compact design, making it much more attractive than other devices with low power.

Display and Camera
Nokia 5250 features a 2.8 inch touch screen TFT-elastic supports 16 million colors and 360 x 640 pixel resolution that can be controlled with the stylus in the sales package. While we speak of a resistive touch screen here, I have to say anything negative; Nokia has tried the best we could get from this technology.

However, the disadvantage of a resistive touch screen, after all, and you find it difficult to type quickly than if the pin is inserted. It also means the relatively small size of the screen does not help. However, you get a very nice picture and sharp on the screen with good contrast and brightness.

Unfortunately, things change radically when the screen is exposed to sunlight, making it virtually unusable. The camera settings can also be greater. Fortunately, you are blessed with the accelerometer feature, which works without problems.

2-megapixel camera lacks autofocus, LED flash or no progress. However, I was somewhat surprised that the interface device includes a wide range of configurations, such as white balance, ISO, contrast, hue, exposure, sharpness, and more. This can be confusing for the average user, especially since these extra values are not increased image quality at all.

The camera takes images at a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 pixels, while video clips can be recorded with 30 fps in VGA. Touch screen Symbian Smartphone owners are likely to recognize the interface of the device removed. After all, it has not changed much since 2008, started as the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

The picture quality is not very good, partly from the fact that only a 2-megapixel camera. See examples below for a more precise idea about the picture quality snapper.

Menu and Software
Nokia 5250 runs the Symbian S60 5th Edition operating system, but since Nokia has decided to rename its various versions of Symbian, said that the device works with Symbian ^ 1.

The good news is that this is the easiest user interface ever built in a Symbian Smartphone. The bad news is that Nokia is to remove not only the physical properties to keep the price of the device as low as possible. In addition, the phone went from a ton of software features, I'm not sure they are the prices in any way impaired.
Fortunately, some of the Symbian Smartphone ^ a feature that is introduced gradually through numerous updates.

The phone has a unique startup screen that can be displayed individually or four links. The players were eliminated, so that it not is possible to add on the home screen. Kinetic scrolling is also available and works in almost any location in the menu of the phone, Web browser, Contacts from a gallery. Fortunately, some of the Symbian Smartphone ^ a feature that is introduced gradually through numerous updates.

The phone has a unique startup screen that can be displayed individually or four links. The players were eliminated, so that it not is possible to add on the home screen. Kinetic scrolling is also available and works in almost any location in the menu of the phone, Web browser, Contacts from a gallery.

"Click" on the clock in the vicinity of the signal icon in the upper left corner of the screen gives you quick access to the Clock and Alarms. Connection settings can be quickly accessed by clicking the battery icon, while the profiles from the menu that is displayed just below the name of the operator selectable.

To display the main menu button, click the center button on the screen, select Options / Organizing to rearrange the menu to suit your needs. The small number of symbols, the main menu is organized in two rows, unlike most advanced Symbian Smartphone’s with a choice of three main lines.

In the application menu, you will find a handful of applications, arranged in any way: Clock, Notes, Camera, Games, Office and RealPlayer, Video and Ovi Sync Center.

Other applications include pre-installed with Nokia 5250: Calendar, Calculator, Currency Converter, File Manager, Amazon, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5 and MySpace. Music under the sub-menu you will find some special applications such as media music player, FM stereo radio with RDS support, podcasts, music and Ovi Shazam.

Only one game comes with your Smartphone, Guitar Hero 5, but can be installed. The device supports two input methods: stylus and finger touch support for text input and user interface control, but the best thing by far the pencil.

The interface is faster, if not running more than one application on the ground or you will face delays when navigating sudden opening other applications or menus. I also noticed that the use of a close memory card is full (regardless of size) slows down the phone.

Nokia 5250 is a quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900) with GPRS and EDGE Class 32, the only options for the transfer of data connections. Nothing more was added, such as Wi-Fi or GPS.

The browser has been improved and integrated features of Java and Flash Lite 2.0, which works very well. Other features in the browser auto fill, RSS Reader, download manager, password manager and blocking pop-ups. Other tools include Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP and microUSB for PC synchronization (no load).

As for messaging, the phone offers a complete solution, the adoption of such messages. I recommend that you write with a stylus for a better experience. The mail client works with POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, and multiple e-mail accounts. You can also use the headers of the e-mail or complete and in accordance with the Annexes. This quad-band GSM Smartphone has a good reception. The sound is also required on average.

Processor and Memory
The bar Smartphone is of ARM11 family processor running at speeds up to 434 MHz, in the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is an integrated power supply. The device works fine, but I noticed a slight delay when using other applications, open the browser or when the memory card memory is low.

The smart phone also has 76MB of internal memory, with only 51 MB available to users. The memory can store up to 16GB, will be expanded thanks to the card slot hot-swap.

The Smartphone features the same standard music player in the future, such as Nokia 5530 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. There are five types of pre-load equalizer, bass boost, classical, jazz, pop and rock. The options include: balance, strength and stereo surround sound. 

The device includes an FM radio with RDS, and not the FM transmitter to broadcast your own music. The reception is very good and the sound quality is above average. Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support allows users to stream music wirelessly.

The 3.5 mm jack is a nice addition that users can connect headphones to the phone (102-WH) swap issued. The video player, including the lack of DivX and XviD codec, so you should play these video files third. Speaking of quality, the sound of music on Nokia 5250, on average, in every respect, including the speaker.

According to the manufacturer, The 1,000 mAh Li-Ion (BL-4U) battery has an impressive life expectancy of 450 hours for standby mode and 7 hours and 40 minutes for talk time mode. Nokia also claims a play back autonomy of almost 24 hours.

For what it's worth, Nokia 5250's long battery autonomy is something that won't fail. To no surprise though, as the device lacks any advanced features that might drain the battery faster than it should. Overall, I would say the phone has an excellent battery, which is exactly what the manufacturer wanted.

Nokia 5250 is probably less intelligent Symbian offer ever made by the Finnish manufacturer. Deprived of all Nokia "faces” of the special features of the Symbian Smartphone’s, you can upset the airplane in the low-end use, almost unusable for other calls from 5250 and some web browsing, if you are not to transmit data that EDGE offers slowly.

The Good
In addition to its affordable price, the Smartphone good audio quality and performance speakers and a good web browser is only motivated by the slow EDGE connectivity. The duration of the extended battery is worth something also mentioned in the positive things, and microSD card slot.

The Bad
Dubbed a Symbian Smartphone, Nokia 5250 is smaller than the characteristic of most phones in terms of performance and capacity. There is no document viewer, a client of YouTube, no Wi-Fi, and 3G or without GPS. The 2-megapixel camera is not something that should be included in a Smartphone to 2010 levels. The delivery is also very bad for a Smartphone, as you do not get a USB cable or memory card included.

Sales Package
Nokia 5250 handset
Nokia Battery Li-Ion 1000 mAh BL-4U
Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102
Nokia High-Efficiency Charger AC-8
User guide

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