The Detroit Automobile Company

There are several companies that create the cars of the time, but there was a time when the competition was much stronger. The machines were exposed to the public, and everyone wanted in the potential benefits that could be made. The Detroit Automobile Company was one of them. 

The Detroit Automobile Company, also known as CAD, was founded in 1899. 
Originally from Detroit Henry Ford, the company was assisted by three persons buried William May, William Murray and Thomas Palmer. The DAC has started to sell, to build cars to his first model, the performance of gasoline trucks in 1900 was frozen supplies. 

While the primary vehicle by some critics was slow, cumbersome and unreliable at times. 
Crossing was a known perfectionist, and would not release any vehicle due to the approval of the draft. However, this action was red for investors, the Ford was losing time and knew not to sell their ability, and said a win.

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